Flickr Stained Glass Photography

Email by Jason Peter Brown on June 21, 2007

Flickr Stained Glass Photography Image

Flickr is a great site to spend a lot of time browsing all kinds of photography, and a search for stained glass provides a lot of great results. I was particularly drawn to the work of a photographer under the pseudonym Reciprocity, who does a lot of studies of light through various media, and under a variety of conditions. One such study was of a refraction pattern of light through a stained glass window in Granges-sur-Baume, Jura, France. I found it interesting to look at the beauty of stained glass from this different perspective, in the same way that I enjoy the short moments when I am lucky enough to see the sun cast gold and red spots on my floor through my small stained glass windows at just the right time of day and year. Not being a stained glass artist myself, I wonder how much the artists among you take the resulting casted patterns from your work into consideration, or are these castings just a happy accident of the medium and a well designed piece of work?