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Gustave Recke

I am looking for any information, or where I can find information, on an early 20th Century stained glass artist; he is a great grand uncle named Gustave Recke (possibly also went by the name of G Gerard Recke). After coming to this country in late 1800's he lived in the Philadelphia area then in NYC where he was a substitute teacher of stained glass as well as a working artist of stained glass.

re: Gustave Recke

From Bob Jones book, Biographical Index of American Stained Glass Makers

"G. Gerard Recke. 1881-1951. Designer, born in Latvia and immigrated to Philadelphia as a child with his family. Attended Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and Springs Garden Institute. Worked with studios in Calif., NY and Milwaukee's Esser Company and the Depression Era Federal Art Project shop in New York. Also studied music, composed many pieces and played piano with Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. With Esser he designed St. Bridget's Church, Omaha, NE; Cuyler Chapel, Princeton, NY; church of the Immaculate Cionception, Waterbury, CT; Elks Memorial, Chicago; Straubmuller Textile High School, NYC… "

Barbara Krueger, Michigan

re: Gustave Recke

Thank you Barbara, just now saw your reply