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Elizabeth Steinebach Stained Glass Artisan

Elizabeth Steinebach Stained Glass Artisan

elizabeth at home, in front of Klimt panel - The Kiss

Elizabeth Steinebach
2 Sugar Lake Road
Seguin, Ontario, Canada
P2A 0B6
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Phone # — (705) 732-4413

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Classes/Workshops offered by Elizabeth Steinebach Stained Glass Artisan

Private or tutorial style classes are available at the studio. Learn the basics of copperfoil or lead in a single day format. Tutorials to improve cutting, soldering, design, lamp construction, glass selection, project development, by request. Group classes available, through the local community college, usually Spring and Summer sessions.

About Elizabeth Steinebach Stained Glass Artisan

The stained glass revival in Toronto was already about two years old when Elizabeth took her first copper foil class. Knowing immediately that she had found her artistic expression, she devoured everything she could about stained glass. She worked privately, commercially in both wholesale and retail stained glass stores or studios, she designed, built commissions, did research, freelanced, restoration and repairs, taught, built lamps and traveled, specifically for courses and to see stained glass in Europe and in Australia. Her foundation in the medium was extremely diverse.

As a member of Artists in Stained Glass early on, she participated in some of the AISG conferences, slide shows and lectures, meeting some of Toronto's best stained glass artists.

After 30 years, she still loves glass. The recent move to rural northern Ontario affords less of the city's distractions and more time, in natural surroundings. Work includes private, commercial and religious commissions, teaching and managing the AISG website.