Happy New Year

Email by elizabeth on January 8, 2012
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Belated Happy New Year!

2011 was a tough year for this volunteer at AISG. Starting in March, with my father succumbing to cancer and two beloved feline companions getting ill and dying - one on Christmas day, itself, I am gladly looking forward - and have settled my grief to hopefully get things moving again on the website.

It's not rocket science to notice our membership is down. The discretionary dollar has been hit hard and is finally catching up and impacting artists. Shows, exhibitions and markets are all reflecting the looking but not really buying trend. I know we are an innovative bunch and will muddle on despite some huge changes in our industry. Here's to hoping 2012 is going to see some global stability and some growth so people feel more comfortable about adding something beautiful to their home, business or place of worship.

So if there is any kind of bubbly still left in the fridge, including plain ole pop, I hope you will say goodbye 2011 and open you heart and mind to all that is good for 2012!