Notice of Tony Lee's sudden death

Email by Robert Jekyll on May 22, 2008
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Hello all:

Sudden, shocking and sad was the news of Tony´s untimely death last Saturday. Since then Alfred Engerer, Mimi Gellman and I have been trying to get the word out to colleagues and friends. Alfred has been in contact with Ben, Tony's nephew, about the following arrangements the family has made for Tony's funeral;

DATE: Wednesday, May 28

TIME: 11:00am to 12:30pmé Attendees are requested to arrive by 10:45

LOCATION: York Chapel, 160 Beecroft Road (near Yonge & Shepard), telephone (416) 221-3404

Whether or not you can all attend, I am sure you will want to know what is happening.

Also, could I ask you to pass this information on to anyone you know who knew Tony.