1999 - Buffalo - 2009

Email by Elizabeth Steinebach on January 12, 2009
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Back in 1999, I was at the beginning of a courtship that offered our fledgling relationship an unique growth opportunity. Michael, who became my husband, was president of Statslog Software Corporation, providing specific contract administration software for architects, contractors and builders. I was coming back to stained glass having detoured to become a health professional, who realized she was still an artist at heart. In our getting to know each other, we heard that the Darwin D Martin House, in Buffalo was under renovation and we shared a love of Frank Lloyd Wright work. Over dinner and some wine, it was laughingly decided that we needed to bring our two communities of friends and colleagues together and a road trip was required.

So, with the sober notion of setting an agenda, the next morning, I started to follow and organize all the threads that would be necessary for this kind of event to actually occur.

What transpired was a fabulous day. We started in Toronto, traveled to Buffalo by coach, had a quick sightseeing tour of landmarks on route and in the city, had a docent lead tour of the Darwin D. Martin house renovation, where the architects practically went into delirium at seeing some blood and guts of a Frank Lloyd Wright building - hard hats were required. Just so the stained glass crowd could have the same kind of experience, we also went over to the Burchfield -Penney Art Center to view the removed FLW - Darwin D. Martin house windows, displayed for access up-close and personal. After a great Buffalo wings dinner we returned to the Burchfield-Penney to listen to Robert Carter launch his new book, and lecture - Fabric of Experience, inside FLW's Prairie Houses. We wrapped up the evening with coffee and dessert, where Statslog invited local architects for a meet and greet.

I am still surprised that this trip is well remembered. And so, ten years later we have the opportunity to assemble the same kind of event. The Darwin D Martin House is fully renovated, including land purchases to reinstate the Wright gardens and pergola, that were not there, back in 1999. There are a few other FLW buildings and Arts and Crafts type structures that could be toured as well. Museum and Gallery calendar of event should be out in January, so relevant lectures could be researched.

My question now is - who might be interested in participating in this kind of structured event? The dates will likely coincide with the American Glass Guild Summer conference in Buffalo, in mid July. There would have to be enough interest demonstrated by the end of February 2009, so planning can occur. So if you are interested, send me an email or leave a post in the forum.