Lithuanian Stained Glass Sculptures by "Lolita"

Email by Jason Peter Brown on August 28, 2007

Lithuanian Stained Glass Sculptures by "Lolita" Image

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have taken the anonymous visitor survey so far. We are working to address the comments that you have provided.

One thing that has come up is a request for insights into how artists outside of North America (where it seems the vat majority of our visitors are from) are using stained glass. Well, I have been searching and I have come across the work of a Lithuanian artist know only as "Lolita". Instead of flat panelled stained glass windows, she incorporates flat stained glass pieces into three dimensional sculptures of a variety of subjects — insects, birds, boats & bicycles.

If you have any links to interesting examples of stained glass art from around the world, please email us with details so we can share them publicly.