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Email by Elizabeth Steinebach on November 16, 2009
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Jimi Hendrix by Robert Djordjevic

Welcome Robert Djordjevic

Creative Stained Glass Design

How was it that you started working with stained glass?

Stained glass was introduced to me by my father in law. When I lost my job I started painting again to ease the stress of not working. I applied and was accepted in a Government program to start a small business. I knew that painting was not the answer so I asked my father in law to teach me stained glass. He's been doing it for over 20 years so I definitely learned from a true stained glass artist. I fell in love with this new form of art and that's how Creative Stained Glass Design got started.

Where does the inspiration for designs/work come from?

My inspiration comes from my moods or a feeling - I think that's the abstract painter in me - or when a customer gives me a theme or an idea on what they want created. Or if I want to create something different for myself, I draw or doodle pictures until that one picture gives me what I want then I go from there. I get a natural high from certain glass pieces I create. My Jimi Hendrix stained glass is one for example. It's like getting into a groove when things are just going good.

Who influenced you the most, or helped you along the way?

There is no doubt that my father in law helped me on this journey to stained glass. But my creative side is a raw natural talent that took years to learn. And I want to improve and learn on every piece I make. I want to make stained glass pieces like using a brush on a canvas. I'm still pretty new to this and I want to get better on every stained glass I make.

When have you ever been frustrated/disappointed with the material?

What frustrates me is the one piece that I have to cut a few times to get it right especially when the glass I'm using is important to the piece and I'm limited or almost out of that particular glass.

What is your favorite glass and why? How did you use it?

I love the colorful types of glass, iridescent colors along with spectrum baroque glass

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