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Email by Elizabeth Steinebach on September 8, 2010
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It's been great to hear from many of you submitting links, for the AISG website. However far too many of you have been simply sending a website address. I am sorry but this is just too incomplete to know how and where to place you. In order to successfully get posted on the AISG Link page, we need to have the following information:

Define your category:

Select one of the following: classes and workshops, supplier, bevels, books, patterns, art associations, wholesaler etc, or check out the links page for others. We can certainly add a new category if you are not represented by the list already there. If you do more than one thing, which one do you get the most traffic from?

Please give us the full name of the business.

Please make sure your website/URL is completely up and running. I have had many of you eager to share your information, however still having technical difficulties, or with outdated information or missing contact information.

Also, please provide your city, or nearest city center. It helps, at glance to know how close or far you might be from a potential client.

Also, provide your province, state or region, with country. As we receive more and more links from England, France and further afield, it helps distinguish you from similar place names in other countries.

And finally a one or two sentence description to entice guests to link to your site.

This information can simply be listed in an email and will ensure that your website will be included on the AISG Links page.