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Email by Sarah Hall on March 11, 2008
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In snowbound Toronto, we await the warm breath of spring.

Please join us in celebrating the Dedication of my new windows at Toronto's historic Grace Church on-the-Hill. The windows, entitled "On to the Fields of Praise", are inspired by images of vast prairie skies and wind-blown wheat fields, and by Dylan Thomas' "rivers of windfall light". In these windows, heaven and earth spiral together in an interplay of light and movement.

If you are in Toronto, I hope to see you on Easter Sunday, March 23rd at 12:15 pm for the Dedication and Reception. All are welcome.

For further information and directions:

Spring comes in wonderful ways: the "Color Gardens" are being planted! These expansive windows, for an elementary school, will harvest energy from sunlight. Energy collected from the windows' embedded solar cells will be used for evening illumination.

In addition to collecting energy, the solar cells shade the interior space from strong sunlight. The playful color fields gradually shift to clear, transparent glass – allowing views of the outdoor community garden.

See a some details from the "Color Gardens" windows:

My best wishes for the spring season.