Residential Stained Glass on the Rise

Email by Jason Peter Brown on July 24, 2007

The Indianapolis Star recently published a piece on the seeming increase in interest in stained glass for custom residential projects, and in particular for handmade custom designs. From the article:

For centuries, glassblowers tried to get the imperfections out of their handblown stained-glass windows. Then technology made perfection possible.

"Now homeowners seem to want the imperfections back," says designer John Everage of Santa Monica, Calif. He's one of many architects and designers who say their clients increasingly ask for handmade stained-glass windows that are designed, built and installed almost exactly the way it was done 900 years ago.

Our site and some others that I have seen publish their visiting statistics have also noticed an increased interest in stained glass lately. Have the professionals among us seen a similar trend?