New Features for AISG Members

Email by Jason Peter Brown on June 2, 2007
Categories Filed Under: AISG WEBSITE, MEMBERS

We have just finished adding a couple of new features to the site:

  1. Featured Artists slide show — Shown below the menu on the home page, the slide show is available to users with scripting enabled in their browsers. The slide show randomly picks images from three different AISG members every time the page is visited, and cycles through their first gallery images every ten seconds.
  2. Classes/Workshops — You can now add a one paragraph description for any classes or workshops you may offer from the AISG administration portal. You can also provide a link that points directly to a page on your website that has more details on your offerings. This information then gets displayed in the new Classes/Workshops page, as well as on your individual gallery page.

While we do provide links to non-AISG members classes & workshops, the listings for registered AISG members always appear first.

We hope that you enjoy these new additions to the site, and that they help to introduce more visitors to your work & offerings.