Cologne Cathedral's New Pixelated Stained Glass Window

Email by Jason Peter Brown on August 28, 2007

Cologne Cathedral's New Pixelated Stained Glass Window Image

Cologne Cathedral window by Gerhard Richter

Just over a month ago, I reported that a replacement window for one destroyed during World War II at the Cologne Cathedral was going to be displayed publicly on August 25th. That date has come an gone and the window is now open to the public. Gerhard Richter designed the window (inspired by his own 1974 painting "4096 colors") using 11,200 square pieces of coloured glass. The result is decidedly Modern within the Gothic framework of the surrounding building.

What do you think? Does the juxtaposition work or fail? Deutsche Welle has a more detailed take on the project with some quotes from Gerhard Richter.

A computer simulation of the window in relation to the rest cathedral.