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Email by elizabeth on March 28, 2016
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FYI- You can get more information regarding the air and soil testing going on, in and around Portland, Oregon. To date, no serious health risks have been determined, though there were two sample anomalies, with further investigations ongoing. Results of some of the urine and other testing will be released at the end of the month.

Why should you care? Uroboros and Bullseye Glass have come under the microscope. They have had to stop making glass with cadmium and chromium. Nickel could be the next heavy metal with restrictions. This means certain favorite

colors will be in short supply. The latest news from Uroboros is that they are installing new and improved emission controls on their furnace stacks. This means higher prices, when they get back into production, assuming that the Oregon State Department of Environmental Quality, lifts the stop order.

The DEQ is asking for public input, on their website, though the submission date might already have pasted. I hope you take a moment to send an email to them anyway, supporting our industry. I for one, am pleased that Uroboros is taking the initiative and doing the right thing for it's worker's health, the health of the families that live in the area and the long term health and well being of the environment.