The Other 'S' in Stained Glass

Email by E Steinebach on August 12, 2007
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The other "S" in Stained Glass

This is for all you architects, builders, restoration experts and stained glass artists working within the public domain, for city halls, community centers and churches. You might be starting from scratch, you might be designing an addition, you might be repairing, or you might be restoring. You will want to know about the other "S" in stained glass. This is of course the silent "S", the "S" that most of us stained glass artists don't even want to know about. But you should.

The American Glass Guild did a fine job of getting new and old presenters to come and share their knowledge and expertise. Some lecture choices were very difficult to choose from, because it meant you had to try to be in two places at once. And if you missed this lecture, where it was declared that the cost of this silent "S" has dropped by about 30%, you are going to be at a great disadvantage.

So, what is the other "S" in stained glass – well, it's Stone.

Laurie Wells, of Old World Stone Limited gave a very informative slide presentation and shared three case studies, typical of the work they are capable of. Their Burlington, Canada operation can handle both new and old materials, from cutting massive slabs of limestone to modern plastics and all sorts of materials in between. And they are not limited to new construction or restoration; want a big rock or two for an accent or wall? They can handle your landscaping needs as well.

Laurie's second case study illuminated the need for all of us working on these kinds of buildings/situations, where stained glass will be used, to know something about the stone work the glass will be framed into. She shared how faulty glazing, lead to the stone weakening, through freeze – thaw cycles, that ultimately lead to the stone actually shearing away and falling to the ground. Not a good thing when people might be walking by. I hope you all have excellent insurance coverage.

I was very impressed with their stone cutting equipment, especially the six foot diameter cutting saw. Combined with Laurie's no nonsense and straight up, professional assistance to help with material selection and specifications, she will have you considering the possibility of building with stone. These two distinct offerings provide excellent customer service and have brought the costs down, for using stone as a contemporary building material. Check - Old World Stone Limited - out, for yourself.

Old World Stone Limited