Member Gallery Interview - July

Email by E Steinebach on July 12, 2009

Member Gallery Interview - July Image

Here's another interview with an Artist in Stained Glass members Dan and Jill Burstein of New Hope Stained Glass in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

How was it that you started working with stained glass?

Dan took a class in architectural stained glass at our local college as a stress reliever from his horse management position. Jill has a BFA from Washington University School of Fine Arts in St. Louis. Dan has always been intrigued by glass and Jill has always enjoyed colors and texture.

Where does the inspiration for designs/work come from?

Frank Lloyd Wright and Tiffany are major inspirations. Nature is also a big inspiration - we've lived on a horse farm for 25 years and spend a lot of our time in the outdoors.

We do a lot of custom work and one of our niche's is that Jill can take a clients ideas or a picture and turn it into a beautiful stained glass panel

Who influenced you the most, or helped you along the way?

Really we couldn't do it without each other. We started working together 8 years ago doing stained glass as a hobby and it just clicked. Slowly we started selling our work and started to get some larger commissions. In January of 2008 we decided to make the big move and Dan quit his day job. Of course we didn't figure in the current financial mess, but we have never been happier. We would also like to thank our friends Marilyn and Dale at Rainbow Stained Glass our local supply store.

When have you ever been frustrated/disappointed with the material?

Recently the consistency of the colors of glass has been erratic.

What is your favorite glass and why? How did you use it?

Our favorite glass is the old Bullseye glass. We use it in landscapes and for water.

Please check out their gallery page for more information about Dan and Jill.