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Email by Elizabeth Steinebach on September 5, 2009
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September is staring off with a flurry worth of busy!

AISG member Sue Obata, wrote:

The Historic Alton Mill is now open in Alton, Ontario near Orangeville. The Mill has been restored and now serves as a centre for artists' studios, art galleries and a small museum. I am currently part of an exhibition in the Alton Mill Gallery until September 20th. For more information you can check:

Alton Mills Gallery

Congratulations Sue! Hope to see a photo or two?

Word of another conference:

GAAC Conference

Initiated by the Board of Montréal Museum Directors (BMMD), glass will be the theme of choice for more than twenty Montréal Museums' exhibitions and activities, in 2010. From architectural, artistic, environmental, historical, scientific glass, etc., each of the museums will depict different aspects of glass. As of April to December 2010, there will many glass themed exhibitions, demonstrations, movies, lectures and activities.

Simultaneously, Espace VERRE will organize and host the Canadian Glass Art Association of Canada Conference, from May 26-30th, 2010. International glass artists such as Lucio Bubacco (Italy), Sylvia Levenson

(Italy), Anthony Schafermeyer (USA), Clifford Rainey (USA), and world renowned Canadian glass artists such as Susan Edgerley, Sarah Hall, Peter Powning, Donald Robertson and Tyler Rock have already confirmed. On May 2010, a glass fashion show, hosted by Laura Donefer, combining glass artists and fashion designers will be the culmination of the conference.

Registration for pre and post conference workshops have begun on September 1st, 2009.

Contact: Catherine Piazzon, Catherine Piazzon


"MENFOLK": an exhibition of stained glass by Debora Coombs

"I am trying to explore the world that lies behind the threshold of language. My series of stained glass panels titled Menfolk, attempts to unravel the emotional complexity of ‘maleness' from youth to old age."

Debora Coombs will be exhibiting Menfolk, a series of richly painted stained glass panels at the Cochrane Theatre Gallery, London WC1 from October 8th to Nov 29th 2009; and at the Stained Glass Museum at Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire, England from Jan 2nd to Feb 14th 2010.

Last, but not least:

I have had an email from Katei Gross, from the Stained Glass Association of America. She has some very good news for AISG members, which unfortunately will have to be a secret for a few more days, as I unravel some computer software compatibility issues. The news will be posted here first and copies will be sent to all users.