Artists in Stained Glass Member's Interview

Email by Elizabeth Steinebach on August 12, 2009

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August Artist's in Stained Glass Member's Interview

Welcome Kristina Birkhans:

How was it that you started working with stained glass?

I started working with glass in art school, fell in love with this material, continued it through the Academy of Art years, never fell out of love with it. Always discovered something new about glass, beautiful and magical before I even started working with it.

Where does the inspiration for designs/work come from?

Inspiration comes from nature, I love spending lots of time near water. Also interesting people, music, travel, love.

As Chekov once said 'to work on your art, you have to work on your life'

Who influenced you the most, or helped you along the way?

Nobody in particular. It is a constant growth of an artist and evolution of the work. It is my own development that constantly changes my work.

When have you ever been frustrated/disappointed with the material?

Stained glass has its limitations. I work a lot with 3 dimensional pieces and to create a form in stained glass can be challenging at times. But then again, I need a constant challenge in my life and work and I love to experiment and learn and discover new things, it would get boring otherwise.

What is your favorite glass and why? How did you use it?

Favorite glass…really depends on the moment and mood, I love texture in glass, very bright and deep color, but I love the glass I find in nature, including sea glass I find at the beach. I love finding rusty old pieces of metal, that I combine with glass, creating something unique, that is very exciting for me.

Thank you Kristina. Please check out the rest of her work in the gallery.