Tony Lee - Celebrating his life

Email by Elizabeth Steinebach on July 21, 2008
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In the round, on a small back yard deck near High Park, in the sweltering summer heat, a lone candle and a photo of Tony Lee, became the focus of the stories shared by family, friends and colleagues. Gathered here, to share our grief and to celebrate a life, the stories revealed a devoted family man, living a complex mix of his assumed cultural obligations and responsibilities and his deep passion for his creative work and his love, for his extended creative family. The moments - personal, tearful and bittersweet, as we reflected on the first member, of an extraordinary community, passing. As one participant remarked, "Tony was the gentle in gentleman".

It was a lovely tribute, an evening enjoying each others company, food and drink. Extending thanks to Sarah Hall and her husband Jeffery, for opening their home for this special moment.

Artists in Stained Glass wishes to create a memorial page for Tony and is grateful for any images of Tony's work you may wish to forward to us. Thank you.