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Richard Parrish @ Craig Studios

I am pleased to announce that Richard Parrish will be teaching his very successful design course at Craig Studios in Vancouver, B.C.

Now that you have the equipment and the glass, what are you going to say? Where is your work going? Stuck in a rut? Let Richard educate you

in developing your voice, applying fundamental design principles, and unlocking your inner artist.

The Visual Elements of Design.

This class will investigate fundamental principles of design that are common to all forms of art, design, architecture and craft, focusing on primary elements of two and three dimensional design, principles for ordering these elements, and transformation of the elements into a rich composition.

Students make a range of two-dimensional and heavy relief projects and leave with a solid footing in the concepts that will propel their work

to the next level. These include systems of ordering and relationships (symmetry and asymmetry, hierarchy, rhythm and repetition, transformation, proportion and scale).

Design principles will be explored through presentations and discussions, drawing and painting exercises, sketch models and in kiln

formed glass, relying primarily on a black and white palette. The emphasis will be on applying these design elements and principles to your kiln formed glass work. The intent is to understand the essential elements of design, how they can be manipulated, and their role in developing and enriching the artistic content in finished works.

Craig Studios is a well equipped fusing and cold working studio. 6 kilns, 2 wet belt sanders, 3 lathes, 2 flat bed grinders, 2 pneumatic grinders ,sandblaster, reciprolap, Foredom, and more.

May 5-9, 2008

$895.00 CDN

Craig Studios

3904 Fraser Street

Vancouver, B.C.

604 874 7221