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Exporting s.g. - Canada to USA

I would like to try and sell items to buyers in the States but I never seem to find accurate information and good advice regarding who best to ship with ie. FEDEX ? UPS ? Canada Post ? anyone else ? And the option of ebay, or etsy, or any others ? Plus, is stained glass liable for import duty or not ! Any sound advice would be appreciated. BEV.

re: Exporting s.g. - Canada to USA

There's no single best route. It depends on the size of the packages you wish to sent. There's no import duty, but there may be taxes that have to be paid. Contact US Customs for exact info.

More important than the routing is the packaging. All carriers have hired specialists in smashing stuff, and nobody wants to pay a damage claim. Proper packaging can be very expensive and must be worked into your pricing, rather than losing your shirt.