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Studio Opening Party

I would like to ask everyone close enough, to come to my opening party. It will be Saturday, September 13, 2008, 6-10 pm, 3904 Fraser Street, Vancouver, B.C. Coffee and desserts, LOTS of desserts, LOTS and LOTS of desserts

Come and see my new studio and chat about glass.

Thanks . . . Brock

re: Studio Opening Party

Good Morning Brock,

Pleased to meet you via your TV interview this morning.

I liked the pieces of your glass work shown on screen and look forward to attending your Studio Opening Party to learn more about this amazing art form.

Diane MacDonald, Burnaby

re: Studio Opening Party

So, Brock, how wat the big event? Any deserts left?

Hope it was grand - Tod

re: Studio Opening Party

How did it go Brock? It's a little further to your place than I usually venture of a Saturday afternoon, but the lure of all the desserts, almost got me onto a plane.


re: Studio Opening Party

I guess it went really well…He still seems to be recovering from the festivities ;)

re: Studio Opening Party

He's on a sugar high, having eaten his just desserts.

re: Studio Opening Party

I'm still eating them! It went very well, hundreds of people over the evening. We got so busy we forgot to put all the desserts out. I gave a cake to a block party and another to my bank and finished a lot of pastries myself. I still have the cookies in packages and tins but classes are eating them up.