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This is a significant moment in Artists in Stained Glass history. We have a new Forum!

After nearly six months of diligent work, Jason has provided us with a new forum to compliment our new look. Still open to everyone wishing to speak to issues of stained glass, yet much safer with less junk or abusive posters. I hope everyone jumps in and gets familiar with the new format. Old posts have been saved in a read only archive, so you can see if there were any past posts, you may have missed. All new posts will have to be posted here. I hope you find this new forum easy and improved! As usual, please let us know what you think.

re: Welcome

I would also like to extend a welcome to everyone visiting the new forum. The new forum has been completely coded from scratch, so there may be some growing pains. We appreciate any feedback on (and patience with!) the new forum.

One thing you will notice is that the replies are no longer "threaded". This makes the conversation easier to read (only one click required), particularly as most of the conversations on the old forum were only a few replies long.

A new feature is the forum index showing a summary of the first post that works by grabbing the first few sentences or words from the post to generate the summary. Because of the way the summaries work, it is best to start of your posts with a meaningful sentence instead of something like "Hi".

Enjoy the forum, and thanks for being part of AISG.

re: re: Welcome

Well, here we are. Nice paint job. Needs a few pictures. Carpet would be nice. Where's the bar? There is a bar, right?

Can we say words like "sell", that were for some reason verboten in the old place?

re: re: re: Welcome

Hi Graham, welcome to the new forum. While we do have the ability to ban keywords, we will try to be more judicious with the feature (i.e. words like "sell" won't be banned). We'll have to see how aggressive the spammers get with the new forum to determine what words needs to be blocked.

As for a little more pizazz, I'm working on adding the ability to post images to messages, which should brighten things up a little!

re: re: re: re: Welcome

The ability to post images is a good thing. It's especially helpful when technical questions are asked or problems are encountered by posters. Often a picture can get the message across far better than words.

The "word block" is also a good thing, but if it's given the wrong words, it gets a tad silly. "Sell" was one of the sillier examples. I can't remember the other one that broke me up, but it was I think 3 letters and because it turned up as a sylable is some other word it was squelched.

re: re: re: re: re: Welcome

Greetings Graham,

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with the new security features. Those silly words on the "bad word list" as seemingly benign and silly as they were, were showing up in some of the most persistent spam. When the specific targeted language was not working anymore, I had to expand to include more everyday words. Annoying, I know, silly, absolutely, all done? Yes! Hurray for new security features! So you can pull out the sell, car, and all the other colorful language that has previously been censored. Enjoy some new vocabulary freedom!

re: Welcome

Hello, All. I'm glad to have been let in the door.

Quick comment about the new forum:

I find dated info helpful and/or "new posts since your last visit". Otherwise, I have to remember how many responses there were to each thread and I simply can't - pathetic, I know, but true.

I really like the easier to read format. I agree that some color would brighten up the place, but I only visit, I don't live here.

Best - Tod

re: Welcome


Thanks for the input. At the very least I can quickly put a "Last Post Date/Time" on the front page…Implementing a "new post" count is a bit trickier, but I will give it some thought as it would be a useful feature.

As for some colour, I will be getting to work on adding the ability to include images in posts. There are some more critical bugs I have to get to first though, so we'll see how it goes.