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Comments: Welcoming 2009 with Open Arms

Please post your comments here on the front page news article Welcoming 2009 with Open Arms.

re: Comments: Welcoming 2009 with Open Arms


It has been a "different" year here in the States. Being from the Mid-West, a City who has been known for 70 years as an auto town, we have been hit hard and lightly at the same time. Have been use to the ups and downs over the years but now we have little to no auto jobs left. Borg Warner leaves this next year so that part of history is over. From six strong factories to none over the last 10 or so years. Time to move on.

Spike in gas prices was very hard everywhere to get use to. But we like all others adjusted.

The housing thing, well affected those who chose to get into the adjustable rate thing. Those who bought homes for the long haul, playing by the old rules of income and such did not feel that squeeze. Must state that it is alarming that we rushed to bailout those that ran the schemes though. That's America I guess.

I guess most in US think a new administration in Washington will cure the ills, I for one, just plug along, doing what I have always done. Do not wait for a bailout or hand from Washington. To me that is not only the American way but just the right way to live and do business.

Here's to a good New Year in the glass world, hope all reach deeper inside and make some good glass and meet some new and interesting folks along the way.

From down South,

Dennis Swan

re: Comments: Welcoming 2009 with Open Arms

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have a great 2009.

re: Comments: Welcoming 2009 with Open Arms

How's everyone feeling now that we are well into February? Lots has happened since the New Year, most notably a new president, for our friends south of us. Much of the financial world is still unraveling and stimulus packages are just starting to be implemented.

How are things for you?

What is the word on the stained glass street?

Who is feeling optimistic and who is ready to pack it in?