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Comments: Blenko Glass Closes Its Doors

Please post your comments here on the front page news article Blenko Glass Closes Its Doors.

re: Comments: Blenko Glass Closes Its Doors

It is, indeed, sad news.

We visited there once. Blenko was the first glass manufacturing operation I'd ever seen. Absolutely fascinating.

We brought back umpteen large rondels, among other things.

re: Comments: Blenko Glass Closes Its Doors

All is not lost…yet.

When I heard the news I scoped out the news article and some of the blogs and decided to contact Blenko myself, the following Monday. The receptionist said it was going to be all wrapped up by the end of the week. Not hopeful.

However I asked if I could speak to the antique department. Don Lemley was still manning the phone. I decided to place an order. Luckily a colleague was close enough to drop in, in person. Order picked, bill paid and glass on its way. I think it's still touch and go for Blenko and there is hope, as well as anxiety about how long it might last. The doors are still open over two weeks later. All I know is that if there is a will, it will continue, in one way or another. I'm just glad to have played a small part, hopefully this order will demonstrate support and encourage the fight to continue.

re: Comments: Blenko Glass Closes Its Doors

I guess what they need is "stimulation". Maybe a couple of billion?


re: Comments: Blenko Glass Closes Its Doors

Here it is the third of March and as far as I know Blenko is still hanging in. My dalle order arrived safe and sound, with quite a bit of hub bub, as the large transport truck had to negotiate snow banked narrow roads into the village, where I live. Don Lemley called that same day, almost a week ago now. Since he felt some kind of news would be forthcoming by the end of February and I've heard nothing new, maybe it's good news. As for a stimulus package - don't know - though Don mentioned that the state governor had turned them down because they weren't a new initiative. Hope they have other options.