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Comments: Fontana Boathouse

Please post your comments here on the front page news article Fontana Boathouse.

re: Comments: Fontana Boathouse

Buffalo not only had rowing, but there was a "Buffalo Canoe Club". They moved out of Buffalo a while ago - 1892. It's now in Canada near Point Abino in Ridgeway, ON, maybe 8 or 10 clicks from the Peace Bridge on Lake Erie.

Mostly, these days. it's a yacht club. Veddy, veddy upscale, don'tcha know. A beautiful spot.

They have a nice stained glass window in their men's room window. I get to make stuff for the classiest places.


re: Comments: Fontana Boathouse

Well Graham,

Don't stop there, how's about a picture?

re: Comments: Fontana Boathouse

I don't believe I took a pic of that piece. Next time I'm along that way, maybe I'll drop in and take my camera. People look at you kind of funny, when you go into the Men's Room with a camera - for you, I'll risk it!

re: Comments: Fontana Boathouse

I can see the future AISG headline now!

Comments: Stained Glass Artist Arrested In Men's Washroom

Are you sure it's worth the risk, Graham? ;)