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Comments: Visiting Arts and Crafts at Roycroft

Please post your comments here on the front page news article Visiting Arts and Crafts at Roycroft.

re: Comments: Visiting Arts and Crafts at Roycroft

Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you for visiting the national historic landmark Roycroft Campus. We appreciate you speaking about the unique handcrafted gift items available at the Copper Shop Gallery. This selection represents over 90 artisans who practice the Head, Heart and Hand tradition that Roycrofters are infamous for.

The "Walking Tour" brochure about the Campus was prepared to help familiarize visitor's on the significance of this authentic Campus.

We do offer a wonderful guided tour filled with past, present and future information and endearing stories about Elbert Hubbard and this Arts & Crafts Community.

We would like to extend an invitation for you to return to the area and use two complimentary tour passes. Simply call ahead to make your reservations. Perhaps you will consider one of our intimate artisan led classes as well.

To learn more visit the website at


Clare Root

Associate Director

re: Comments: Visiting Arts and Crafts at Roycroft

Hello Clare,

Thank you very much for visiting our website. Michael and I had a great time in Buffalo and especially in East Aurora. We live in a small village and dream of having it become an artist's haven. You are very lucky to still have that, in Roycroft. Also thank you for contributing so many more details for other guests to learn about Roycroft. It is a fantastic site where a slice of history is very much alive. I loved the Copper Shop and will keep an eye out for a class, in the future. We'd love to have the opportunity to have a tour, but we might not get back that we, until Fall.