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Comments: Canadian Conference Buzz

Please post your comments here on the front page news article Canadian Conference Buzz.

re: Comments: Canadian Conference Buzz

This is a copy of the email Lori from Cranberry Stained Glass, sent me.

Hi, received an e-mail today about an AISG conference asking all kinds of

stuff but has a "no-reply" attached to it.


1. you might want to change that and

2. I am interested in some kind of Canadian Glass Conference but it has to be in the middle of the country… not BC or Alberta. Ontario is fine. (I am in Nova Scotia) and

3. I am happy to help out .


re: Comments: Canadian Conference Buzz

Here is another email I received.


I would consider going to a conference in Canada. For me the best time would

be away from show season … i.e. dead of winter after Christmas and before

spring shows – January, February, March, April. Weekdays are better than


I'd be interested in information on taping into and winning public


You mentioned renewing membership. I presume we receive a notice of some

sort regarding the due date. I haven't received anything.


re: Comments: Canadian Conference Buzz

And one more…

Hi Elizabeth,

I attend few conferences but would probably be able to attend only in summer, when school is out. At least until I can retire! I would be interested in mini classes on painting, kiln work and sand blasting. Those are areas I would like to expand into.

Thanks for all your work for AISG. Someone recently contacted me through the site. Did not buy anything now but perhaps later.

Jo Perez

re: Comments: Canadian Conference Buzz

scotty giffen wrote:


I just wanted to say…I thought it rather `funny` that I like many others, get an email from aisg…that you cannot respond to !

the questions asked…or even given david wildes email address…? …please pass on to elizabeth.

re: this Canadian conference…?

the email struck me as odd ! why not make it user friendly. supply those of us who don't know david's email…a means to communicate any thoughts we might have on this subject, question that's been asked.

Thank You !


he's not a member of aisg.= david.

re: Comments: Canadian Conference Buzz

Hope that's all the emails to date. If I missed anyone please let me know and I'll correct it. Or you can post new, here and now.

Lots of good thoughts and some technical difficulties ironed out. So please don't be shy and let us know what you think about having a Canadian conference for stained glass.

I'm sure David will be needing all your thoughts on WHO to invite, WHERE it should be, WHEN it might occur, HOW much it could cost and WHY we should all attend!

Thank you !

re: Comments: Canadian Conference Buzz

I haven't browsed through the AISG site in a long while, I immediately zeroed in on the Canadian Conference Buzz and would like to say that if there was a conference here in Canada, I would be there, definitely!