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1920's Canadian studio

Architect Albert J.J. Rouseau, born in Quebec, designed a 1920s church in Ann Arbor, MI, with human size saints, after he was faculty of architecture school. He is supposed to have also designed a memorial chapel to Jacques Cartier on Gaspe Peninsula. Has anyone ever seen the stained glass there? Thanks.

Barbara Krueger


re: 1920's Canadian studio

I've put one of my spies on the case. Maybe we can find out something for you.


re: 1920's Canadian studio

I just got off the phone from talking to a historian friend of mine who is a retired dean of the university here in Gaspé. He's said he was aware of Rousseau and of some of his works in Québec City and in Rimouski (which is not far from there), but to the best of his knowledge, there is no memorial chapel built on the Gaspé coast in honour of Jacques Cartier. He said is might be possible there was a memorial built Québec City or perhaps in another location, but he couldn't confirm that.

Nancy from the Gaspé coast

re: 1920's Canadian studio

Thanks for doing some research on this situation. I will keep looking on my end.

Barbara in Michigan