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Comments: Putting the Art back into Stained Glass

Please post your comments here on the front page news article Putting the Art back into Stained Glass.

re: Comments: Putting the Art back into Stained Glass

Elizabeth, I can certainly emphasize with your exerience as I've had similar experiences … and not just with stained glass. My fusion glass is put into cases where it is hard to see and poorly lit. Also … at the launch of a show that I entered last week, the organizers expressed disappointment at the lack of "craft" entries. I know why … and I'm thinking of the right way to craft my comments.

However, for AISG purposes – to educate the public I think we need sound less like "sour grapes" and be more constructive.

We're pleased that so many juried art shows are encouraging entries from all mediums, including stained glass, pottery, fusion glass, wood etc. We know this makes the show more exciting for the art enthusiasts and artists alike. The buying public want to decorate with all types of art. Painters can be inspired by the interplay of light and glass; equally stained glass artists can be inspired by a quilt.

But to encourage regular entries from others than painters requires some planning on the part of the organizing committee. Do you have places to showcase other art – windows and fittings for hanging stained glass; pliths for statues and fusion glass; glass cabinents for jewellery? Do you have jury members who understand, appreciate and have experience with other medium? … then can lead to handout/brochure and offer to recommend qualified members of AISG as jurors.

re: Comments: Putting the Art back into Stained Glass

I have 2 I'd like to spend here…

I think Elizabeth is spot on in suggesting that we as stained glass folks have some work to do. One thing we must do is take responsibility for providing great handling and display instructions with our work. I once saw some of the crates and handling/display instructions for Josh Simpson's work… talk about thorough and leaving nothing to the imagination! We, too, need to be part of the solution.

I suggest you join your local arts org & volunteer to help with shows - even if you're not currently "disgruntled" about how items are displayed. Become the one who knows the most about displaying sg & other "sculptural" work. There are plenty of folks who can hang a picture.

Volunteer to help set up a show which has accepted your work, even if you're not a member, even if you just hang your own piece.

Find and join a glass-specific group; see what they know about display and bring that info to other groups with whom you'd like to exhibit. Or note the best display options you see when attending other shows. Bring that home.

Find other disgruntled sg folks, brainstorm & develop ideas for proper display of your type of work. Offer this info to art groups in your area. You can't really expect the groups to solve these problems without stronger motivation. This forum is a good place to start.

Be picky. Apply to shows judged by outsiders - preferably working artists who are compensated for their time.

Read the "Call for Entries" carefully. Do you even want to enter? Call and ask questions about your concerns.

It's a start. - Tod

re: Comments: Putting the Art back into Stained Glass

Dare I say it… Yes we are considered the bastard child of the art world…

and yes we can change it through education…

Judy W.

re: Comments: Putting the Art back into Stained Glass

I agree, how come it seems as though it a secret society? People love to sit and look at our work, would die to have one and yet think it should be given or cost too much to buy?

Years ago I was told by an artist of many years, "don't cheapen the art. If people really want something unique or custom made, they will pay for what they want."

After doing the art myself for several years, I can atest this comment is very true!