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Comments: Just Because

Please post your comments here on the front page news article Just Because.

re: Comments: Just Because

Hi, Elizabeth!

I admit to feeling a certain welcome nostalgia seeing the Quagliata and Fenton images here today. Thanks!

Those two books plus a few others were among the first "real" stained glass books in my library. I loved the bold, dynamic images from Peter Mollica, Paul Marioni and Judy Jansen, the sensitive panels by Kathie Stackpole Bunnell and Elizabeth Devereaux Tallant, Ed Carpenter's bold & fresh take on the German aesthetic, Richard Posner and Fred Abrams' humor and Robert Kehlmann and Casey Lewis' take on opal flatness and line work. What a treat to be introduced to Mark Adams color work and Jeffery Speeth's portraits here, as well. Of course, each book offered us many more artists, ideas and images, pushing our sense of what stained glass is and could be to the limits and beyond. I'm sure another huge crowd favorite was James Hubbell!

I'd add the Hill, Hill & Halberstadt book, "Stained Glass, Music for the Eye" to the list as well. Additionally, it's worth noting that "pattern" books of the period were generally sad little things which lacked sophistication but could get one started learning the craft. To further ones design skills meant pushing one's own ideas and finding inspiration where one could.

Here in the Northeastern USA, I found that customers wanted "safer" designs. There was no money for the more outrageous works, so I adapted ideas from the past and tried to personalize them instead of copying. I found the Nervo book helpful and used inspiration found in "The Styles of Ornament" by Alexander Speltz as well.

Today's pattern books have some fine ideas for crafters to use and I've come to accept that there are many folks who will probably never originate a pattern but who love the work and the results achieved when using prepared patterns. Still, it seems to me that in some way, the abundance of pattern books might be relevant to your earlier discussion about "Putting the Art Back into Stained Glass".

- Tod

re: Comments: Just Because

Hello Tod,

Glad you are enjoying the images. Sounds like you have an extensive collection of books - some that I don't recall. I don't know for how long the 'Just Because" posts will last, but I'm enjoying the surprise and variety of completed work of greats known and unknown.


re: Comments: Just Because


I always say that I probably have the largest stained glass book collection in the neighborhood. I might be right.

I was working in a family craft shop when I was introduced to stained glass work in the late 1960's so I have some books from that era including most of Glass House's pattern books for nuggets!

To the books mentioned earlier, I would add Reyntien's, Duval's and Lippes' books which are about technique. Since they are all written by real experts who had spent ample time "earning their wings", the info is helpful and believable. I found that having these guys, even as absent, unknowing mentors, placed quite a feeling of responsibility on my shoulders and I welcomed the feeling - and the help.

- Tod

re: Comments: Flashed Gla$$ Suicide?

Hi, again, Elizabeth.

You're right about the size of that panel; it's over 72" tall. I'm guessing it took at least ten sheets of flashed glass (French?) @ about $100 each back then, at least to duffers like me (from SA Bendheim's, of course). Maybe Narcissus had a local source (Hoy's or Hollander's?) with a better price for the quantity?

When I would go to Bendheim's, I might buy one sheet of red flashed on clear along with the glass for whatever project(s) I was really shopping for. I always bought some reamy antique, tho. Always a treat and always overwhelming! - Tod

re: Comments: Flashed Gla$$ Suicide?

i loved this was like something new, i took his workshop in Barrie Ontario. arranged by AISG. workshop was full. 16 i think…

he was amazing. he had us simply start to draw.and his slides shows were wonderfull.

quite an Artist in Stained Glass.

very Glad I spent some time with him.

he had a studio in california and italy… then later, too in mexico… very busy artist.

thank you AISG.

I have photos of this Elizabeth…?

scotty giffen

re: Comments: Just Because

"Who else remembers this image?"

Just me? Seems unlikely. - Tod

re: Comments: Just Because

So, I find Scotty's post after I decide I may be the only one… Thanks, Scotty. I'm glad to read of your experience. Sounds like you were on top of things, way ahead of me.

I had found the book "Handmade Houses" just before I bought "SG From Mind to Light" or I probably wouldn't have been open-minded enough to make the investment!

- Tod