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Dynamic SG book on eBay - (Bonny Doon)

There's an inspirational sg book available on eBay now, "The Art Glass WIndows of Bonny Doon". A compilation of remarkable work, published in 1981! Enjoy it. - Tod

PS: I have no connection to the seller, I just love the book. Some link, eh?

re: Dynamic SG book on eBay - (Bonny Doon)

Sorry y'all!

I guess this site doesn't like addresses or links, so you'll have to search on eBay if you're interested in the book.

Still, it's a great book and if you find yourself wishing there were more inspirational sg books available and prefer to skip the pattern books, this is a good candidate.

This book doesn't come up often, that's why I'm encouraging you to check it out.

Best - Tod

re: Dynamic SG book on eBay - (Bonny Doon)

The URL can be copied and pasted in the address bar.

re: Dynamic SG book on eBay - (Bonny Doon)

It is possible to add links to messages. I am still working on the documentation to demonstrate how to do this. In the meantime, here is the link:

Bonny Doon Book