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American Glass Guild Call for Papers 2011 Conference, Asheville

The American Glass Guild's Board of Directors is seeking proposals for lectures and panels from artists, craftspeople, studios, conservators and historians for the group's sixth annual meeting to be held July 22 24th, 2011, in Asheville, North Carolina. They are also interested in proposals for workshops for the day before the meeting. Please consider sharing your work, insights, and interesting projects with your colleagues.

The conference will present papers on the many different aspects those working in the field are faced with, including: new design, technique, conservation, history of the medium and its practitioners, related materials, and business practices. The deadline for proposal submissions is October 1st, 2010.

Accepted talks should be 20 or 40 minutes in length with additional time for questions. Submit abstracts and workshop proposals via email to "info @", attention Vic Rothman, Asheville Program Chair, by October 1st, 2010. Proposals should include a title and be no longer than 300 words. Authors should include a bio and full contact information for themselves (name/company, mailing address, phone, fax, website, and email address) and if a panel is proposed, for the other panel members. The program committee will send notification of acceptance by November 15th, 2010. We will publish a Pre-print of the presentations that will be available at the conference.

Instructors proposing workshops must include its expected length (i.e. 3 hours, 4 hours), all tools, materials and equipment needed for the workshop (i.e. kilns, light tables, sandblasters, paints, etc.) and who would be providing what (the teacher or the AGG), whether they expect to charge a materials fee and for what, and tools/equipment the students will need to bring (i.e. brushes, drawings, cutting tools, etc.)

If your proposal is accepted, those giving 40-minute talks receive one free registration for the conference (to be split if there are two presenters) and those giving 20-minute talks receive one free half-registration. Those organizing and leading panel discussions receive one half-registration. The panelists receive Conference Pre-prints and T-shirt or Apron. To receive these benefits, presenter(s) must register for the conference. Those giving workshops will receive fees for the workshop, but no reduction in conference fees. All travel and hotel expenses and reservations are the responsibility of the presenter(s). Finished papers must be received for the Pre-print by the first day of May, 2011.

The mission of the AGG is to provide a forum for the open exchange of information on stained, leaded and decorative glass and its creation, preservation, restoration, and history. Our intention is to work toward building an environment within the field that both cultivates novices and facilitates experienced artists and craftspeople to attain a higher level of expertise. Our well-received conferences include presentations, round-table discussions, and demonstrations by notable national and international experts. Information on past conferences is available on our website at We look forward to seeing you in Asheville!