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Custom Stained Glass

Hi, is there somebody that would be willing to make a custom piece of stained glass for me? Some sort of jewelry, or even just something to hang like an ornament. I'm looking to get a stained glass heart for a friend. It would be great if it were possible to put her name in the middle of it too. I've seen a lot online, but nothing I really liked. I'm looking for a simple heart with lots of little pieces and no real design (or picture) in it other than possibly her name. The name could even be done with just the framing maybe. If anybody is able to do this, please send me a message letting me know what the cost would be and how long it would take. I know it's probably a bit busy this time of year.



re: Custom Stained Glass

Hello There: Looking for stained glass fused jewllery? Check out this web site:

Cheers, Mary Jane Zissoff

re: Custom Stained Glass


This sounds like a request I might be able to help with. Here is a link to my page. Where are you located? What colors would you prefer? I have a few ideas in mind for an ornament size piece. Possibly even a jewelry piece!


re: Custom Stained Glass

Hi Jeff,

Check out (there's a Facebook link there too) and decide if you like my style. I do a lot of custom work, big and small - and I'd be happy to work with you.

If so, email me at, through the website, or through facebook.



re: Custom Stained Glass

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