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Forum now works with Hotmail

I've changed the way that the forum sends the activation emails, and it seems to be working with Hotmail now.

For those of you who did not receive an activation email, just request your credentials from the "Sign in" screen under the "Trouble Signing In?"section and you should get the email with your new password.

Once logged in, you can change the randomly generated password to something more memorable from the "Profile" page.

re: Forum now works with Hotmail

If you edit a post with quotation marks or apostrophes, they are automatically replaced by gibberish code. Do you have this problem? If you do, you might want to consider fixing it.

re: Forum now works with Hotmail

Hi Chantal,

Thanks for the bug report. I'm working on fixing it now.

re: Forum now works with Hotmail

Okay, it should be working better now. The security portion of the forum was being run twice on posts when editing them which caused the problem. Thanks again for the report.

re: Forum now works with Hotmail

Great, I tested it and it's fixed.

re: Forum now works with Hotmail

We've changed the way our email system works once again, and it appears that Hotmail is now receiving emails without 1) Sending them to the blackhole, or 2) Marking them as bulk. If you have been trying sign-up for the forum without success using your Hotmail account, please try again and it should now work.

Sorry for the inconvenience!