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Comments: New Initiative

Please post your comments here on the front page news article New Initiative.

re: Comments: New Initiative

I'm glad to learn of your new commitment, Elizabeth. This forum, while sometimes not very busy, has credibility and substance. I visit often and reply occasionally. I guess I could do better!

I wish you and AISG the very best in 2016.

Your glassy pal, Tod

re: Comments: New Initiative

Strangely, while sorting zillions of papers last week, I found a couple I had printed from AISG in 2007. They are from the "Thoughts on Design" essays.

Of the ones I printed, one is by quilt maker Judith Tinkl who talks about light & color and cutting apart perfectly good stuff just to piece it back together again.

Also there is Donald A. Stuart talking about his inspirations, Alfred Engerer on his architecturally-inspired glass sculpture, and David Wilde commenting on integrating glass art with architecture and some of his inspirations.

Two other items from the internet in that folder were "The Dance of Evolution, or How Art Got Its Start", by Natalie Angier. It is a charming and insightful look at art as part of our (humans) evolutionary process, focusing on the research of Ellen Dissanayake as published in the New York Times on November 27, 2007.

Also, a printout of an email forwarded to me on December 4, 2007, by our friend and inspiring glass beveller Dennis Swan (now retired). It was the first time I saw "The Painter's Keys", an on-line newsletter written by Canadian artist Robert Genn. This issue was about "Delicate Mentoring".

I've had my own free subscription to Mr. Genn's newsletter ever since. Robert Genn passed away in 2014 but the newsletter continues to be written & published by Genn's daughter Sara and is still well worth reading. And, I'm not even a painter!