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tools and supplies available

I quit doing glass a few years ago, but have tools and materials on hand. Will sell at reasonable price or possibly contribute to a worthy institution.

Am in Western burb of Philadelphia, PA.

email me at

re: tools and supplies available

It can be hard to get rid of this stuff, but I did find a Face Book page dedicated to exactly that. Here's a link:

Most folks will suggest Craig's List.

Recently, I was helping a friend dispose of her materials & tools and, after many hours of online and on-phone work, I found success when I walked into a nearby retail shop! The personal connection is the best!

Good luck; I hope your items find a great new home. - Tod

re: tools and supplies available

I have quite a large raised patio area which needs a fence. My husband has come up with the idea of glass paneling in sleepers, - RS Glass bottles.

We have the glass balustrade panels and was thinking of inserting the glass panels in to railway sleepers and securing them in to the patio edge. He will rout in to the sleeper to match the thickness of the panel and go in enough to secure it in place.