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Problems with the edges of my glass


I've been having problems with the outside edges of my glass when I full fuse. Most of the edge will have some bubbles and a dull, cloudy, scummy surface that becomes very obvious when I slump the piece and the edges then turn up. I use thin fire ( a brand new batch) and paint the edges that have been ground with Fuse Master Super Spray after washing the piece in warm water with no soap or any other cleaner and dry with a clean dry towel. It seems to me that when I get about half way through the bottle of super spray, it doesn't work very well. I was told to dilute the mixture with distilled water when that happens, but how much?… I'm starting to think that part of the problem is the grinding process I'm using. I read from one glass person that as soon as he grinds the surface he puts the glass in a bucket of water to keep the sludge from drying on because it sticks like glue when it dries…My grinder has been kinda funky and I have to admit that the surface of the glass and the grinding bit are not kept wet enough, which I'm finding out helps float the sludge away…Today I'm trying a new fuse program that I came up with that hurrys the segment through the devit period ( I changed the rate from 300f to 4oof on the second segment and from 300f to 600f on the third…thinking that might be it, and from now on I'll put my grinded pieces in water right away. Got any other ideas?