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Forum RSS Feed

I've just added an RSS feed to the forum so that you can keep track of new posts using your favourite RSS reader without having to visit the forum.

The Firefox browser allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds in two clicks (by clicking the RSS icon in the address bar). If you would like to give it a shot,

If you are using Windows Vista, you can subscribe to the feed and have it show up in the RSS sidebar gadget. The link to the forum feed is:

Lastly, if you prefer to manage your feeds online, you can use a free service like Google Reader:

re: Forum RSS Feed

OK, Jason.

Colour me dumb, but I don't know what you've just said. Greek is easier.

re: Forum RSS Feed

Hi Graham,

RSS is colloquially known as "really simple syndication" and is just a way for websites to publish news & other dynamic information (e.g. forum posts) live. There are a variety of different RSS "readers" out there that present this live information to you in a variety of ways.

For example, many news sites have an RSS feed for their headlines. You could subscribe (for free) to CNN, CBC, BBC, etc… and then have your RSS reader show you the latest headlines as they are added to those sites in real-time. Basically, RSS allows you to see stream of real-time information from a variety of sources all in one place (i.e. you do not have to visit each website, one after the other, to see all of the latest headlines).

AISG has feeds for News & Forum posts. You could subscribe to both of these feeds and your RSS reader would alert you whenever new posts are made.

Again, every RSS reader has its own way of presenting the latest information. For example, Firefox adds RSS feeds to your bookmarks menu, so they behave just like regular bookmarks. When you look at the folder, you would see a bunch of links for the latest posts. You could then click on the bookmark for a post that interested you, and that page would appear in the browser. Other readers can present the latest feed data as a scrolling marquee (link the bottom of the CNN TV channel), or maybe just a list of links in your browser.

Hope that clears things up a bit!

re: Forum RSS Feed

Thanks Jason. I run Firefox, so I'll look into the RSS thingee.