Blenko Glass Closes Its Doors

Email by Jason Peter Brown on February 10, 2009
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Sad news in a press release from the Blenko Glass Company - the historic glass manufacturer is closing its doors and considering bankruptcy. From the press release:

On January 15, 2009, Big Two Mile took steps to seize "all amounts, deposits, and moneys" in the Blenko Glass bank accounts including its payroll and withholding accounts. Blenko first learned of Big Two Mile's action on January 23, when Blenko's bank reported that the bank accounts had been emptied.

Blenko had issued a check on that day to pay for gas that it used in its glass making furnaces. When Blenko learned its funds had been seized it was able to recover the check which was already in the mail. Because of nonpayment Blenko's gas supplier has refused to supply gas for the glass making process after January 31, 2009. Blenko has therefore shut down its furnaces and some of them will be destroyed due to the loss of heat. Blenko employs approximately 50 employees.

You can read more at the Blenko Glass website and get a personal perspective in this article at the Charleston Gazette.