Toronto Wholesaler Suspends Business

Email by elizabeth on April 9, 2013
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This is the wake up call we have been dreading for some time. The Toronto wholesaler just sent me an email saying they have closed their doors for an undetermined length of time. They are trying to restructure and re-open under new management.

Talking with a stained glass store owner recently - also cast a cold chill - prepaid orders will be required. Since all our supplies come from the US, this could mean paying for goods months in advance. It also limits our ability to create as we now have to plan ahead, knowing how much of any aspect of a project - from glass, solder, lead etc, with little room for error.

Art is not a supply and demand sort of process - this closure and type of business practice will be felt at the hobbyist level to studio to tool makers to glass manufacturers. I can only suggest that if you are interested in creating a co-op for purchasing supplies please respond to this news notice or email me directly.