Welcoming 2009 with Open Arms

Email by Elizabeth Steinebach on December 28, 2008
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It's been a busy year in ways many of us hadn't planned. First and foremost was the huge spike in gas prices, it's impact being felt at the stained glass supply houses across the country - the double whammy of cost to manufacture increasing as well as the cost of transport - to membership attendance at conferences, memberships and forum participation, dropping way down. Then the political uncertainty of our friends to the south, with a presidential election that seemed to run on forever. With the final jerk of the rug under our feet - an economic disintegration affecting both housing and banking realms, again much worse for our US neighbors. Perhaps saying good bye to 2008 will be a good thing. Here's to hoping a new year with a fresh start will bring improved conditions for all of us. Happy New Year!